• Overview

    The policy provides up to $1,000,000 for each covered personal injury and sickness that occurs while you are traveling overseas. Medical evacuation, if warranted, to a more suitable hospital or your home is included, as are the costs of hospitalization, visits to doctors’ offices, prescriptions, lab fees, X-rays, local ambulance, and emergency dentistry arising from an accident. In the very unlikely event of accidental death, the return of your remains to your home is covered.

  • 24 Hour Assistance

    Each policy provides 24/7 access to our assistance center. The professional staff are fluent in English and the language of the country you are visiting, to help you quickly find the medical care you need. It’s as if you had a good friend wherever you are— no further away than a phone call. Whether you need an asprin or an air ambulance, our staff is expertly trained and ready to assist.

  • Accident and Illness

    Coverage includes, up to the benefit limit for the necessary medical or surgical treatment, services and supplies, hospital services, local ambulance, x-rays, laboratory fees, and visits to a physician’s office, as a direct result of each covered injury or sickness which first manifests itself during the Period of Insurance. There is a US$150 deductible per claim that applies to this benefit.

    Limitation: Coverage for non-hospitalization expenses (where you are not a registered inpatient in the hospital) incurred in the USA, Canada, Bermuda and the Caribbean Islands is limited to 80% of the reasonable and customary charges after the US$150 deductible.

  • Emergency Medical Evacuation

    If a covered injury or sickness requires your immediate medical evacuation, upon the recommendation of the attending physician, authorization from the Assistance Center Regional Medical Advisor and your concurrence, medically evacuate you to a more suitable medical facility; or evacuate you to a medical facility in your home country.

  • Accidental Death

    If a covered injury or sickness results in loss of life during the Period of Insurance, policy covers the expenses for the preparation and transportation of your mortal remains home.

  • Home Country Benefit

    You continue to be covered under this policy during temporary return visits to your home country. Coverage is limited to US$100,000 and a maximum accumulation of 30 days of return visits to your home country during the Period of Insurance. All expenses incurred in your home country are subject to a US$500 deductible. After satisfying the deductible, the next US$50,000 expenses are limited to 50% coverage; thereafter the coverage is increased to 100% up to the US$100,000 limit. If you return to your Home Country for a temporary visit and subsequently do not leave before the expiration date of your policy, this insurance will be considered terminated as of the date you returned to your Home Country for that visit. Coverage is limited to accident and illness and not routine medical procedures.